fold down roof access ladders


We have a range of attic ladder solutions to allow for internal roof access into the ceiling space and through onto the roof of all types of buildings. We specialise in suspended ceiling installations, including roof access hatches. We can supply and install access hatch systems from any of the major brands, however we recommend VISTA, SKYDORE and Gorter.

There are many factors which must be considered when designing a hatch access system. Some of the considerations are:

  • The height from floor to ceiling
  • The height from ceiling to roof
  • The shape and pitch of the roof
  • The design of the ceiling
  • The structure of the ceiling and roof
  • The reason for access
  • The frequency of access
  • If the system needs to be fire rated
  • If the system needs to have an insulation rating
  • Our clients’ expectations and needs.

Once all of these factors have been addressed we can choose the most appropriate system combination for your needs.

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With most hatch installations there are some other height safety factors which you will need to be addressed, such as fall prevention. Often we install a system into a suspended ceiling. Many suspended ceilings are not structural and therefore, once at the top of the ladder, there is a real risk of falling through the ceiling. This is especially important when the distance between the suspended ceiling and the roof is over 1.5m or if there are services within the roof cavity which need to be accessed. There are a number of ways which we can address the issue of access and fall protection. A platform with hand railing is one. If access to services is required, then a suspended walkway is also an option. All these factors must be addressed as part of the initial hatch design.

There are many different types of roof access hatches. From the standard aluminum with struts, sliding, electric self-opening, or even clear see through sky lights. The hatch design may also need to be considered if it is in view of the public, or if it is to form part of a feature. Gorter have some stunning roof access solutions which can add amazing looks and functionality. We also have some demonstration videos on the Gorter hatches range. To view these videos see our video page.

Once safe access has been gained to the roof we must consider the following;

  • Hand railings around the hatch opening (according to AS1657:2013)
  • Potential fall zones close to the opening
  • Type of roof material and if walkway is required
  • The look and design – can it be seen from other buildings? Should it be colour matched to the building?
  • Does the roof have an existing height safety system?

These are all factors which we take into consideration when designing our roof access hatches. For more information on our design process, please contact us.