Fall Arrestors

Fall Arrestors and Retractable Reels

We stock a great range of height safety fall arrestors and retractable reels. There are many different types and which one you need will greatly depend upon what work you are doing and what you are attached to. 

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Height Safety Fall Arrestor 

There are two main types of personal fall arrestors on the market. Also known as retractable lanyards they can be split between above waist height and below waist height. What many people don’t realise is that not all fall arrestors are the same. Some can only be used above the waist. This means that you can only have them attach to an anchorage point that is situated above your waist height. This is to limit them distance you can fall and therefore limit the amount of force you can apply back through the fall arrestor. The other type can be mounted below waist height, even at foot level. Sometimes these can be referred to as 360°. It means that you can connect to an anchorage point that is at the same height as your feet. This of course means that if you fall, you may fall the full 2m from the platform or walkway height before the arrestor stops your fall. This is not the ideal situation, however if you have no other points that you can connect to one of the 360° units can provide you fall arrest protection. Of course ideally you want to always attach above your head where possible so that you limit the distance that you could fall. 

Inspection and Certification 

All fall arrestors must be inspected and certified every 6 months. Some of these only require a visual inspection and hand test where the retractable line is pulled out and locked off a various lengths to ensure that it is functioning correctly. This type usually has a service life of 5 years before they have to be destroyed. Others require a yearly mechanical inspection where the unit is pulled apart. It is important that you understand what type of service your fall arrestor requires. If they are used in corrosive environments or are exposed to excessive dirt, dust, sun, heat or moisture, we recommend that they are inspected more regularly. 

Fall arrest blocks

A fall arrest block is the general term for a fall arrestor that is used as part of an overhead cable or rail system. They come in lengths from 6m up to 20m and are normally attached to a travelling device on the fall arrest system. They are primarily used in large sheds where workers need the freedom to move around such as building demount-able units, buses or trucks. They allow the worker to move along in a straight line directly under the fall arrest system and then out to the sides up to 30°. If you fall they will generally lock off within 300mm. Due to them being positioned above your head, if you do fall and they lock off within the 300mm, they will arrest your fall very quickly and not allow the worker to fall very far. This limits the force that can be exerted back through the worker which will limit the potential for severe injury. These blocks have an inspection requirement that is dependent upon the condition they are being used in and how often they are being used. Some require a visual and hand pull test every 6 months with a full mechanical inspection between every 12 months up to 5 years. We recommend that you keep an hours register for your reel so you can keep track of how much it is being used. From this you can determine how often it should have a full mechanical service. 

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