Temporary Static Line Systems 

Safe@Heights can provide a number of different types of temporary static line systems to help keep you safe when working in areas that do not have a permanent fall arrest system or physical barrier such as a guard railing. For more information on our range of systems please contact us at any time. 

How to use a temporary static line 

A temporary static line system can be used to provide fall protection when working in areas where it is beneficial to move along one straight edge. Often we use this type of system when installing guard railing along the edge of a roof. You can set it up so that when using a fixed length lanyard or fixed length rope line you can work in fall restraint. But there are limits to what the system is capable of and how you need to set them up. Firstly, it must be noted that not all temporary static lines are the same and it is vital that you first read the instruction information before set up. Some static lines can only be used in fall restraint, so can’t be used where the worker is exposed to a fall. Others can be used in fall arrest but only for one person. There are only a few on the market that can be used for fall arrest and for two people. However this is only where they are attached to a sufficient anchorage point. Many systems need to have a minimum anchorage rating of 20kN (2000kg). This being the case, you can’t attach these to a standard fixed anchor point as they are only rated to 15kN. Another issue is that of deflection. When using a temporary static line you must be aware that the further away from the anchorage point the longer the deflection angle that the system will make. For example, if you have the system attached to two points that are 10m apart. The deflection would be quite significant compared to the same system where there is a third connection point in the middle. If you are connecting All this must be taken into consideration before you use the system. 

For more information about the different types of systems and how best to use them please contact us.