Inspections & Certifications

It is a requirement that all height safety systems and equipment be inspected and certified on a regular basis by a competent height safety specialist. There is nothing more important than a person’s life. Many companies see inspections and certifications as a waste of money. But would you put on a harness, attach a rope to an anchor point which has not been certified and jump off the side of a building? The simple answer is no. So why let your employees or contractors take those kinds of risks? It is vital that safety systems are inspected and certified. In fact under the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 it is a Duty which must be complied with. Click here for more information on your Duties and the penalties that may apply


As an example, a fall arrest anchor must be fit for purpose, and comply with and be tested against the current standards. It must have been installed correctly and the structure it has been installed to must be able to absorb the force of a fall. You must have an system plan, a user manual, maintenance guide and rescue plan. This is why it is vital that the company who inspects and certifies safety equipment are experienced, trusted and professional.


In many fall arrest systems the only thing between the user and the ground is a harness and a ropeline. All safety harnesses and rope lines must be inspected every 6 months. That may seem a lot. However, much can happen to a harness or rope in that time. A rope left exposed to the elements for as little as one week could result in it snapping if subjected to the force of a fall. A person falling a distance of 2m can create up to 1500kg of force. This is why we stress the importance of regular inspections.

In general the following is a list of items and when they require certification:

  • PPE and all webbing based systems – Every 6 months
  • Anchor points and rail systems – Every 12 months
  • Static lines – Every 12 months
  • Ladder systems – as per manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Handrailing systems – as per manufacturer’s recommendations

If you have any questions about your systems inspections or would like to speak to one of our team members about our audit process please call us on (07) 3208 5833 or email us via our contact page.