All height safety systems require regular inspections and certification. Safe @ Heights can inspect and certify all height safety systems and provide certification for your equipment and PPE. We also specialise in audits and can provide a comprehensive report on the condition of your existing system. The report will include what may need to be completed to ensure your system is safe and complies with current Standards and Code of Practice. If your system is not currently certified and you allow your staff or contractors to use the system you may be prosecuted if an accident were to occur. Don’t take the risk! Call us today and have one of our height safety experts complete an audit of your system.

In general the following is a list of items and when they require certification;

  • PPE and all webbing based systems – Every 6 months
  • Anchor points and rail systems – Every 12 months
  • Static lines – Every 12 months unless being used for Construction Work as deemed by the WHS Regulations in which case it is every 6 months
  • Ladder systems – as per manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Handrailing systems – as per manufacturer’s recommendations

Many audit companies will charge many thousands of dollars for a report which can be vague and incomplete. Our reports are comprehensive and referenced to the relevant Standard, Code of Practice and legislation. We not only identify any issues, we offer the solution. We are also able to supply and install the solutions quickly and ensure that your workplace is safe and compliant.

Click here for more information on our five step audit process

Safe @ Heights are your one stop height safety solutions shop. We can provide;

  • Professional and complete audit using our five step audit process
  • Inspections and certifications
  • Documentation – user manuals, maintenance guides, rescue plans, anchor point plans
  • All of your personal protection equipment including harnesses, lanyards, ropelines, temporary anchors, hard hats and more
  • ladder systems, platforms, attic ladders, balustrades, stairs and all roof access systems
  • hand railing systems
  • static lines and all cable and rail systems
  • Overhead fall arrest systems
  • all working at heights requirements

Call us today and speak to one of our friendly height safety experts about your safety requirements.