Make your Workplace safe in October 2015


October 2015 is Safe Work Australia’s National Safe Work Month – a great time to raise awareness of work safety among your workers. In the safe work spirit, it may also be prudent to contact a working at heights safety specialist to complete an audit on your company’s fall arrest safety procedures and equipment.

How National Safe Work Month Can Help You

This year’s Safe Work Month theme is ‘Be safe. Be healthy. Because…’ – deliberately left open so you can add your own reasons for being safe and healthy at work. Safe Work Australia is providing a number of resources to help spread the word about work safety:

A downloadable electronic information kit
A National Safe Work Month Participation Reward of $5000 towards a work health and safety conference, expo or event of your choice
A free national Safe Work Month smart phone application
An online seminar series with the latest thinking and research in work health and safety, specifically focussing on the construction and manufacturing industries.
Why Work Safety is Important

According to Safe Work Australia, in the last 12 years, 417 construction workers were killed from work-related injuries. This equates to 14% of the total number of Australian worker fatalities during this time period. This means that there were 2.24 deaths per 100 000 workers, and this number is 34% higher than the national rate, which is 1.67.

Furthermore, 117 of these deaths were falls from a height; and of these, 54 were falls from buildings and other structures (mostly from roofs), 28 were from ladders and 12 were associated with scaffolding. These deaths may have been preventable, if the right procedures, equipment and training had been put into place. You have the power to save families from being ruptured by the death of a loved one, and your workplace the emotional and financial disruption of a fatality.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, Safe @ Heights can help you today by providing:

  • A professional, comprehensive and easy understand audit of your current systems
  • Inspections and certifications of all height safety systems (including PPE)
  • Documentation so that your workers know how to use the equipment correctly
  • A one stop shop for all your height safety personal protection equipment
  • Design and installation of roof access ladders, hand railing, walkway, static lines, overhead systems and anchor points

Get in contact with us now to learn more about your legal duties of care under the Work Health and Safety Act and how we can help you protect your workers, save money, and promote work safety by example.

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