Today everybody knows that there is a legal requirement under the Work Health & Safety Act that all workplaces must provide relevant information and training to both employees and contractors who work at their sites. This is especially important when the works are considered high risk such as when working at heights.

Like us we know you don’t want to see a tragic accident happen at your workplace. You especially don’t want to be the one who is held accountable for the incident and have to go to court.

That is why all large corporations now have video inductions to assist them with complying with their legal obligations under the Act. Yet workers are allowed to use height safety systems everyday with little or no specific inductions on how to use the systems safely. This is exposing workers to unnecessary risk and possibly you or someone you work with at risk of prosecution in the event of an incident.


For this reason we have developed the first Online Height Safety Induction and Training platform that helps you to comply with your legal obligations under the Work Health & Safety Act.

With our system, we can design a customised induction to suit your site. Your program will consist of a number of modules. Each module has an information video which is followed by a comprehensive list of exam questions that tests the persons understanding and comprehension of the information they have just watched. To pass the induction they must achieve a pass mark of 100% for each module.

Our system protects you in two ways. Firstly, it provides workers with relevant and safe information on how to work safely at heights. Secondly, in the event of an incident it assists you to prove that you complied with your legal duties under the Act.

We cannot stress enough how important a tool like this is. Without implementing the right induction system for your site you are exposing yourself and others to enormous risk.

One of great features is the document capture system, that allows you to record all of the workers licence and insurance information, and provides you with an alert when this is due to expire.

As part of the package set up we will provide you with video training on how to be a Site Administrator and induct new workers. This means you have complete control over your induction process. Our platform allows you to control those workers who are working at heights which saves you time and makes your job easier.

Another feature is our video to prove that the person actually sat the induction. You have an option that will produce photo evidence of the person completing the induction. This option is free, however it does require the inductee to have a webcam and use Google Chrome web browser. This is not necessary for standard inductions.


Depending upon your application the package cost may vary. Contact us for further information

Once you are a member of our unique system, you will have unlimited access to the platform for your site and this allows you to induct as many contractors over the year as needed. You have full control over the system via your Site Admin profile. There is no lock in contract and you can cancel at any time or choose not to renew.

The system protects you and your workers by providing site specific information and training on how to safely access and work at your site while on the roof.

Don’t wait until it is too late. Call us today and find out how easy it is to implement your own Online Height Safety Induction and Training System.