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Safe@Heights are the Brisbane leaders in the design, fabrication and installation of custom roof access stairs and platform stairs. No matter the location, if you need custom aluminium stairs we can make them for you! Whether it is access directly from the ground to the roof, from roof to roof or to any other location on or in a building, our highly experienced and dedicated team can design and install a safe and compliant aluminium stair system for you. 

Custom aluminium stairs are safer, stronger, more cost effective and look better than any of the modular stair systems on the market. And because they are custom made to your site, we can guarantee compliance! 

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External Stairs For Roof Access 

When accessing from one level to another one of the best solutions are stairs. A stair system is considered the safest form of access and the preferred method in accordance with AS1657. There are a number of modular roof access stairs systems on the market. However often they won’t exactly fit the site and tend to look like something that has been built from a meccano set. We believe that custom designed and fabricated roof access stairs is the only solution. Our custom made stairs will perfectly fit your site, with a professional design and finish second to none. Our experienced fabrication team will complete a check measure prior to the manufacturing process commencing. This ensures that the final installation will fit perfectly.


Roof Access Stairs – Keeping Brisbane Safe

When designing external stair access, one of the issues that must be considered is unauthorised access. If the external stairs are located in an unsecured area, then it is vital that a fence or barrier is installed. Depending upon the site and location, we can install either a chain wire security fence or a full steel enclosure as seen here in the photo. The steel enclosure in this instance was 3m high with an anti-climb mesh. The gate has both an external and internal lock. So that when using the roof access stairs you can lock and secure the gate from the inside so no unauthorised access can occur while you are on the roof.

During the design phase we will take into consideration five main points:

Roof Access Stairs – 100% QLD Made

We work closely with local structural engineers right here in Brisbane who will complete full and comprehensive drawings that can be submitted for your approval before proceeding. Our clients often find being able to see in detail what the aluminium roof access stairs will look like prior to installation is of great benefit. This means that our stairs come with both a Form 15 from an engineer and Form 16 for our installation. The installation is completed by our experienced team of installers who are all qualified and experienced carpenters. From start to finish all works are conducted by us. No sub-contractors or third party companies are used. This provides you with peace of mind, guaranteed quality and savings.

  • The height of the building
  • The location of the stairs
  • The available space
  • The entry point to the roof
  • The level of security required

From this information our design team can determine the size and design of the stairs, the number of landings, the type of access onto the roof and the type of security you will need. We can then provide you with a full written quote.

Aluminium Stairs for Any Purpose 

We have a range of different aluminium stair designs that will suit any purpose. Whether you are accessing a platform, mezzanine area, plant equipment or storage area, we can design and install stairs that will exactly suit your needs. And because we custom make every set of aluminium stairs we can ensure they fit perfectly. We source all our virgin aluminium from right here in Brisbane. This ensures quality and supply. Quality is very important to us and so we have partnered with some great local aluminium suppliers who share our passion for quality.  

Your Own Dedicated Project Manager

You will be provided with a dedicated Project Manager who will oversee and manage your job from start to finish. Our Project Managers are here to explain step by step our processes and answer any of your questions. The end result will be an outstanding set of external roof access stairs that suits your needs perfectly. Brought in on time and on budget. Click here to see some of our installations

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