roof walkways

Designed to last

Rooftop walkways protect the roof from the damage of foot traffic. We see the effects of this wear and tear every day. Dints and depressions in sheeting quickly turn into splits and then leaks. Over time, this becomes extremely costly. On some of the higher profiled roof sheeting, we also see workers twisting their ankles. When having to access plant on larger areas, walking on this type of sheeting is also time consuming. Roof access walkways also increase the level of safety when working at heights by giving a clear path of entry and exit to plant. Well-designed roof walkway systems ensure that workers stay away from dangerous areas such as fall zones. There are two main types which we install: grated aluminium and fibre. Each has its own unique advantages.

Designed with safety as a focus

Roof safety walkway systems are an integral part of a safe environment when working at heights. On larger roof areas where there can be multiple fall risks, a properly designed roof safety system can be greatly improved by the installation of a well-designed walkway system.

The safety system creates a set path of access which allows you to control workers’ movements on the roof. It gives clear direction on how to safely move around the area. By setting guidelines which restricts workers from stepping off the system, the chance of an accident occurring from workers accessing a restricted area is greatly reduced. To learn more about our roof access walkways and safe design practices, please contact us via our contact page.

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