aluminium grated walkways

We have a range of aluminium mesh walkway systems. All our systems have a slip resistant knurled finish which gives superior grip in all conditions. Walkway must comply with AS1657. Our range of walkway is 600mm wide and comes in both 13mm and 22mm. For most general applications the 13mm is used. The system uses a 40mm aluminium offset batten which is riveted to the roof sheet through a rubber pad. Many systems are tek screwed to the roof sheeting. Over time these tek screws can become loose and can create water leaks which are almost impossible to find. That is why we will only ever rivet our systems to the roof sheeting. Some buildings do not allow penetrations into the roof. If this is the case we also have a non penetrating clamp system. It is also important to ensure that the battens are not spaced too far apart. This causes the system to flex and bounce while walking along.


Often the main purpose of a system is to protect the roof from damage. However an even more important role is that of protecting your workers. A properly designed system keeps workers away from dangerous areas and ensures that they follow the safest route. All systems must comply with AS1657:2013 and be installed to the manufacturers specifications.

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