Roof Anchor Points

We stock a complete range of roof anchor points to suit every application. We are authorised suppliers and installers for 3M, SAYFA Systems, Ferno and Honeywell. If you are unsure of which particular system you are looking for, get in contact with us and speak to one of our height safety specialists. Click Here to see some of our installations

Surface Mount


Purlin Mount


Concrete AP


Bolt Thru


A fall arrest system is considered the last line of defence against a fall. When working at heights and using a fall arrest system, it is vital that the user understand the type of anchor point they are attached to and what it is capable of. Never attach to a system which you are unfamilar with. As a general rule, always work in fall restraint. This means ensuring that you are not able to fall in the first place.

All permanently installed height safety systems must only be installed and certified by an authorised installer. In Queensland the installer must also hold the appropriate QBCC licence. Any Height safety system not installed by an authorised installer may also be deemed uncertified and should never be used. For example, we see height safety systems which have been installed by plumbers or roofers who do not hold the appropriate BQCC Licence to install or certify height safety systems. They also are not authorised by the manufacturer of that particular product so therefore are not permitted to install it. Never use an unlicensed or unauthorised installer. As a PCBU you will be liable for any injury if you have used such a company.

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